After doing huge hard work and implementing innovative ideas, the company, Ganpati Wires, has proven that it deserves the position it has achieved in the wire manufacturing industry. Owing to their unique research and development facilities & excellent product range, their name is highly recommended for availing products in order to serve oil & gas industry, aerospace sector etc.

It is a pride to say that, Ganpati Wires,has been awarded with below certifications by well-renowned authorities:

1. Certificate of participation in "On Improving Manufacturing Effectiveness and Productivity in SSI" Program.
2. Certificate of Training by Ministry of Small Scale Industries
3. Letter of Appreciation by Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Jaipur

The list doesn't end here, but yes! This shows that the team work and efforts are not only limited to the production process but also being recognized on a large scale, which is very exciting and encouraging too.
Certificate for Institute of Labour Development
Certificate of Training
Certificate for Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce
Certificate of Training
Bank Certification for ICD Jaipur
Bank Certification for New Delhi Airport
Excise Registration
SSI Registration

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