Products Application

Since our inception in 1977, Ganpati Wires is proudly serving the foremost industries in the market including Aerospace, Power Generation, Lumber, Oil & Gas, Mining, and Valves. We have a wide range of high performance wires for hard facing, welding and thermal spraying application in order to serve these industries better.

For Aerospace Industry

We supply Welding Wire and Gas Turbine Hardfacing available in both nickle and cobalt alloys in varied standard diameters. These quality wires are ideal for doing Welding operation including laser, plasma, tungsten inert gas welding, gas tungsten arc welding and metal arc welding for gas turbine engines.

For Lumber Industry

Wires made of Cobalt based alloys for efficient welding are required in Lumber Industry. Offered wires in different specifications are ideal to be used for performing welding operation on Band saw blades, Circular saw blades, Frame/gang saw blades, and Ultra-thin kerf saw blades.

For Serving Power Generation Market

Ganpati Wires is providing highest quality wires to serve this industry for several applications like cement plant, gas turbine blades and vanes, crusher rolls, gas turbine hot section components and much more.

For Oil & Gas Industry

Our manufactured high quality welding wires have a wide demand in this industry for numerous applications including extrusion screws, plugs, slurry pipes, valve gates, dies, saw teeths and so-forth.

For Mining Industry

We offer a wide gamut of supreme quality industrial hardfacing solutions for this one of the foremost industries. Highly applauded for the property to combat rust and impact wear, these carbide based wires are suitable for the applications such as tillage tools, bucket parts, saw blades, dredge cutter, oil tool bits, draw blocks and so on.

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