Manufacturing Process

Since the inception of our organization, we have gained much respect in the market for delivering quality with perfection. This has been successful due to our proficient team of engineers, which carries the complete manufacturing process using highly advanced machines and pure alloys.

Basically, many steps have to be followed for manufacturing wires such as, drawing, annealing, tinning and twisting, but there are other aspects too on which we pay high attention, which are:

1. Equipments Required For The Production Process: We, at our workplace, only use appropriate tools & equipments and efficient machines to handle the materials required for making wire.

2. Production Management: In order to prevent the wastage of wires, we strictly put control over the quality at each manufacturing step. Apart from this, we employ smart techniques for manufacturing wires of desired specifications and that too with perfection.

3. Quality Management: To achieve a strong position in the market, quality is the most important aspect, we focus upon. This is why, our quality analysts check the wires during the production process as per the standards because, once the wires are made, these can't be disassembled afterwards.

Following the aforesaid things, we form the alloys into wires at our workshop by performing below steps:

Drawing Process of Wires: The very first process of wire manufacturing is forming different kind of gauge wires by drawing from alloy bars in required shape and size.

Annealing of Drawn Wires: After drawing the wires, the next step is to convert these into annealed soft wires by performing annealing process in an electrical furnace.

Tinning Process: For tinning or coating process, we pass the wires from Hot Dipping process and then Electroplating process. While at the first stage, wire get coated with tin and at the second stage these coated wires are taken for getting these immersed into electrolytic solution to set the coating on the wire.

Twisting of Formed Wires: At the last step, highly efficient and reliable twisting machines are used for twisting those prepared wires. Generally, at this last stage, the process becomes different for different alloy wires i.e Finished process is depend upon the type of metal or non-metal chosen for making wires.

Braiding Process :

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