Copper Wire
Copper Wires we offer are used in power generation, telecommunications, electronics circuitry, power transmission, power distribution and uncountable other types of electrical equipment. These are functional to make electrical contacts.
Copper Tape
Copper Tapes we offer can be found at most hardware as well as gardening stores and at times electronic stores. These tapes are used to keep slugs as well as snails out of certain parts in potted plants, gardens, and trunks of fruit trees, and other shrubs and trees.
Copper Strips
Copper Strips are applicative in various industries for numerous applications. These Strips are employed in varied industries on account of their several unique features including electrical as well as thermal conductivity.
Copper Pipes
Copper Pipes we deal in are commonly employed in the construction industry for water supply lines as well as for refrigerant lines in HVAC (heating, air-conditioning and cooling) systems. These pipes can be factory-made as soft or rigid copper and proffer outstanding corrosion-resistance and steadfast connections.
Copper Sheets
Copper Sheets are known for their high thermal as well as electoral conductivity. These are commonly applicative for a variability of products including pipes, cookware, electrical wire, and more.
Bare Copper Wire
Bare Copper Wires are principally employed in energy transmission fixings to maximize thermal as well as electrical conductivity. These can convey energy with optimum efficiency and can be used as the earthing cables.
Tinsel Copper Wire
Tinsel Copper Wire is a form of electrical wire employed when supreme mechanical flexibility is looked-for. It is usually found in cords functional for telephones, particularly the handset strings.
Braided Copper Wire
Braided Copper Wire, we offer are applicative in the electrical industry as these are tough and can be handled effortlessly. These are employed for a wide variability of applications such as grounding, bonding straps, for protective coverings, and for cable protection.
Tin Coated Copper Wire
Tinned Coated Copper Wires are just as conductive as bare copper cable, but the thin coating of these aid the wire to fight against corrosion. These are primarily made of copper with the covering of tin.
Silver Plated Copper Wire
The Silver Plated Copper Wires are composed of the copper core enclosed by concentric silver plating. These are combined with the advantages of copper, such as boosted conductivity, with the bright as well as gleaming surface of silver.
Flat Braided Copper Wire
Flat Braided Copper Wires we offer are applicable for a wide ambit of applications such as protective coverings, bonding straps, grounding and cable shielding. These braids are often made from tinned copper.
Glass Wire
Offered high-quality Glass Wires we offer are rendered with high tensile strength, easy installation and thermal insulation. These are perfectly braided and come with energy and cost-efficiency.
Copper Jumpers
Copper Jumpers are employed for optimized results, due to numerous factors such as vibration, thermal expansion, or modestly operational movements, etc. These keep up changing as well as fluctuating.
Aluminium Wires
The Aluminium Wire Rods rendered by us are employed for redrawing into wires as well as strips for the production of numerous electrical apparatuses. These rods are used for Cables, Transformer Wires, Conductors, and Strips and Hardware and General Engineering Components.
Submersible Winding Wire
Submersible Winding Wires are widely employed across a variety of industries. These wires are renowned for their quality and have been insulated with polyester as well as poly propylene to ensure their full capacity to endure extremely high temperature as well as mechanical abrasion.
Bare Stranded Copper Wire Ropes
Bare Stranded Copper Wire Ropes we offer are high tolerance supports, which compensate for expansion and vibration. Being highly bendable, these wires can be employed as connectors as well. These wire ropes can be developed in dissimilar specification as well as materials.
Laminated Flexible Copper/Tin/Silver - Connectors
Laminated Flexible Copper Tin Silver Connectors are manufactured by stacking quite a lot of foils of electrolytic copper. These types of flexible connectors are usually used as flexible expansion joints for the connection of bus bars in dissimilar applications.
Nickel Plated Copper Wire
Offered Nickel Plated Copper Wires are composed of a copper core, enclosed by concentric nickel plating. These are totally electrolytic copper wire consistently electroplated with nickel. These wires are applicable for inner-lead part in Lead-in-Wires.
Speaker Lead Wire
Speaker Lead Wires are employed to make the electrical link between loudspeakers as well as audio amplifiers. These are offered with electrical conductors individually insulated by plastic or, less usually, rubber.
Super Enamelled Copper Wire
Offered Super Enameled Copper Wire finds applications in electrical motors, refrigerators, switchgear, transformers, air conditioners and assorted other equipment. These wires are acknowledged for superb electrical conductivity as well as tolerance to fluctuations.
Tin Coated Copper Connectors
Tin Coated Copper Wires we offer are rendered in complex shaped wires as well as cables. These coated wires find use as electrically powered mine trains, buses, overhead power source for subways, light and heavy transit systems, and industrial cranes.
Armoured Cables
Offered Armoured Cables are noted as the power as well as auxiliary control cables, intended for applications in mains supply electricity. These are functional for underground systems, power networks, cable networks, cable ducting etc.
Flexible Cables
Offered best quality Flexible cables are the 'continuous-flex' cables, which as the electrical cables have been specially made to cope with the tight bending radii as well as physical stress related to moving applications.
Unarmoured Cables
The optimal quality Un armoured Cables we offer are rendered with extended length and are employed in the industry for their superior performance as well as high durability.
Thermocouple Cables
Offered Thermocouple wires are the cables made from two unrelated metals for the purpose of measuring temperature. These are totally appropriate for sensing device applications and can be cut with a specific method only.
RTD Cable
RTD Cables we deal in are employed to carry the RTD signals for controlling room or field mounted instruments. Based on the configuration, these are accessible in three wires.
Instrumentation Cable
Instrumentation cables are functional as the multiple conductor cables. These convey low energy electrical signals that are appropriate for monitoring or controlling electrical power systems and their allied procedures. These are vital in the functions of measurement for manufacturing as well as processing applications.
Heat Resistance (HR) Cable
We deal in Heat Resistance Hr Cables, which come with maximum temperature withstanding. These are accessible with different cores & work up high voltage grades. These are used in Cement, Steel & Sponge, Glass, Power generation Plant etc.
Control Cable
Control Cables are the multi-conductor cables, employed in mechanization as well as instrumentation applications. These are capable to measure as well as regulate transmissions of various automated processes and are often UL rated.
Multicore Control Cables
Multicore control cables we offer are apt for the functions in wiring in residential as well as commercial infrastructure. Also, these cables can be operated in higher ambient temperature as well as for wiring in public places.
Lead Wires
Offered Lead Wires are the metal wires coupled from the electric pole of an electronics component or an electronic module. These conductive wires are employed to connect two locations in an electric manner.
Insulated Sleeves
Insulated Sleeves we offer are designed to cover metal hoses, wiring bundles, power cables, hydraulic hoses, pneumatic lines etc. These render personal protection against the inadvertent brush contact.

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