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Nickel Plated Copper Wire

Ganpati Engineering presents world class nickel plated copper wire for your particular prerequisites. With more than two many years of involvement in giving high review copper items, for example, copper wire, exposed copper wire, tin covered copper wire, nickel covered copper wire and so on, Ganpati Engineering is the world pioneer in this industry.

Nickel covered copper wires have a few vital focal points in electrical and assembling industry. Secured with concentric nickel plating, our copper wires have opposes high erosion and can give astounding warm and also electrical conductivity. Other than these properties, nickel plated copper wire have a few inalienable mechanical properties too. In HF application, our high review copper wires can viably decrease high recurrence misfortune which changes over into better execution and high results.

The uses and utilization of copper in electrical and mechanical industry is surely understood. With high electrical conductivity and magnificent warm conductivity, copper is currently the most favored metal. At the point when nickel is covered on copper wire, then the resultant is significantly more fabulous. Nickel has a few imperative properties, for example, it 's a move metal which is hard and malleable. Because of these properties, nickel has been in utilization as amalgam for quite a while.

Moreover, the blend of nickel and copper by means of nickel plated copper wire has been observed to be to a great degree successful for a few electrical apparatuses which look for security and predictable execution.

Ganpati Engineering gives high review copper wires, tin covered copper wires alongside nickel covered copper wires which can help your creation and give a viable answer for the electrical and mechanical applications.
Nickel Plated Copper Wire
Nickel Plated Copper Wire

Key Features:

  • High thermal as well as electrical conductivity
  • High level of tolerance owing to its optimum flexibility
  • Resistant to atmospheric pressure, heat and rust
  • Excellent toughness and flexible ensure optimum strength         
  • Safe, reliable and power saving as well 

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