At Ganpati Engineering Industries, we follow a standard theory for client satisfaction that if we will deliver best quality products like copper wire, copper insulated wire, Bare Copper Tape, Conductive Copper Tape, braided copper wire, copper strips and silver plated copper wire to our customers, they will automatically become a long part of our clientele along with becoming our best promotional media. In line with this, we assure production and delivery of best quality wire products that are made using 99.99% pure copper (EC Grade). This material is sourced from established manufacturers like Birla Copper (Indogulf), Hindustan Copper Ltd. and Sterlite Industries (India) Ltd.

For us customer's loyalty is paramount factor as it is considered as a proxy to measure the actual rate of customer satisfaction, retention and hence profitability. Supreme quality products along with quality centric business procedures have made our company reputed and respectable in the industry. In fact, we have received many certifications from Institute of Development and Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce as an appreciation of our quality products and dealings. Ganpati Engineering Industries also has the Certificate of Training which has been awarded by the Ministry of Small Scale Industries.

Quality Assurance Policy

We, Ganpati Engineering Industries go after a quality strategy that covers all probable situations concerned with the storage, delivery, production, and usage of copper wire, braided copper wire, copper insulated wire, and related products. This also covers the points that might result in to customer dissatisfaction. Hence, we have geared up ourselves well in advance for those situations that can effect in low quality product as well as customer discontentment. Accordingly, we have retained all our clientele along with adding fresh names every year. An instantaneous consequence of our quality policy is that we are insuring the long life as well as top performance of all our wire products. The wires come with high tensile strength are tested systematically to make certain their exceptional electrical as well as thermal conductivity and negligible maintenance. All our wires have been made as per BSS/ISS standard or international quality standards.

Import Markets

Adding on, we also follow "Open General Licensing Policy" for importing other material used in the production process. We import from the markets of:
  • China
  • Malaysia
Export Markets

Our products like copper wire, copper insulated wire, and others find huge demand in the foreign countries such as:
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • South Africa
  • UK
  • USA
Products Offered by Ganpati Engineering Industries

We are an expert company manufacturing a host of wires, rods, connectors and allied products. We value client satisfaction and hence we follow a standard business philosophy which states that we should work along with our customers to grab a better hold of their requirements and expectations so that their specific needs can met with products that will redefine the existing quality standards. We are offering following products:

Copper Wires
  • Bare Copper Wire
  • Braided Copper Wire
  • Flat Braided Copper Wire
  • Nickel Plated Copper Wire
  • Silver Plated Copper Wire
  • Super Enameled Copper Wire
  • Tin Coated Copper Wire
  • Tinsel Copper Wire

In addition, we are also providing:

Aluminum Wire and Rods
Bare Stranded Copper Wire Ropes
Copper Jumpers
Copper Pipes
Conductive Copper Tape
Bare Copper Tape
Copper Tapes
CRT Earthing Wire Assembly
Flexible Connectors
Glass Wires
Laminated Bus Bar Meets
Speaker Lead Wires
Submersible Winding Wires
Tin Coated Copper Connectors

Our Vision

  • To export and supply avant-garde copper wire, copper insulated wire and other wires that have good malleability and can be molded with ease.
  • To impart best training to our employees so that their skills remain at par with latest in the industry

Manufacturing Unit

Our aim is to manufacture copper wire, copper insulated wire etc that have good properties of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, ductility and energy efficiency. To retain our top position in the industry, we also produce such wires that can bear the electricity load easily. For achieving all these characteristics, we have developed a manufacturing unit at Jaipur (Rajasthan, India). Herein, we have different manufacturing lines for Submersible Winding Wires, PVC Wires, Aluminum Wires and Copper Wires. These are used in circuits, electrical appliances, subways and electrical equipments & fittings, to name a few.

Manufacturing Process

  • Annealing
  • Braiding
  • Bunching/Stranding
  • Drawing
  • Tinning

Manufacturing Machines

  • Braiding machines
  • Bunching machines
  • Flattening machines
  • Lapping machines
  • Twisting machines

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